Through-hole Insertion

Modular Type Multi-purpose Automated Fabrication Machine


  1. Unparalleled part support range

  2. Freely change the part supply units

  3. Inserts in the correct direction

  4. Reliable handling, accurate insertion

  5. Vision recognition with high accuracy

  6. Insertion checks and clinching to maintain high quality

  7. Adjustment functions for accurate insertion

  8. Automate manual insertion without extra processing

Fuji Type Multi-purpose Automated Fabrication Machine


  1. Unparalleled versatility for handing any parts

  2. Automating preparation for insertion

    Points of work efficiency are located outside the insertion stage

  3. Unparalleled part support range

    Part sizes: Up to 200 x 200 mm, height 75 mm, weight 200g

  4. Significantly saves parts from discarding

    Unique functions to adjust for variations in production lots and part tolerances

  5. No insertion defects

    Insertion checks and direction checks

  6. Adjust for variations in panels on the machine

    Even if defective insertion arises from poor accuracy of manufacturing insertion holes, on-machine editing enables users to check where insertion holes are and correct the insertion position on the spot