Marking & Labeling

Laser Marking System

AM450 series

  1. A variety of modular design concept and  laser units are available

  2. XY drive system, high-precision linear module

  3. Automatic high performance purification system

  4. Smart camera system, mark recognition & 100% bar code detection rate

  5. INOVA servo control system

Getech GMS Marking System


1. Whether for traceability of components or for user identification, Getech Marking System can easily be included into the production line or specific marking island. Ink marking, instantly dry to the touch, and a permanent after the reflow oven, provides a high definition print, where laser marking or label placement are not an option.

2. GMS is an inline compact automatic board marking system that utilizes the latest robotic manipulators, interfaced with advanced inkjet printing technology to enable accurate high-speed printing, direct on the substrate such as PCB capable of printing human readable characters, bar code and 2D matrix.

3. Options include “Print verification camera” C axis for multi directional printing and pre & post print Flip stations.

Nutek Laser Marking Cell


This unit is used to mark text, barcode,  2D code & graphic onto PCBs

1.    10 Watt CO2 (Class 4)

2.    Class 1 laser protected housing

3.    Air cooling system

4.    Fume extraction device

5.    User friendly software

6.    Digitally controlled linear axis for x & y movements

7.    Selectable by-pass operation

8.    Automatic width adjustment conveyor

9.    PCB side clamping