1. The IRM is an inline router machine specially designed to route (de-panelize) a panel of printed circuit boards (PCB) into individual assemblies (PCBA’s). A post routing pick and place board handling facility then provides the link for a fully automated End Of Line (EOL) processing.

2. The RBM is a twin station, versatile and sophisticated fully automated de-paneling system, with post route PCB handling.

The RBM is fitted with auto tool change, auto conveyor width adjustment, and an array of software tools to enhance the performance of routing.

GETECH GSR Series Semi Automatic Router

GSR 1200/GSR 1200D/GSR-1280

1. The GSR is a twin station, stand-alone router machine, specially designed as a cost-effective solution to meet your PCB depaneling requirements, providing gentle and accurate board extraction as demanded by today"s manufacturers.

2. The GSR is available in many configurations, offering twin and single table sizes, vacuum fixtures and dual head spindles.

GETECH ESR Series Semi Automatic Router

ESR 1200/ESR 1300

1. Positioning speeds up to 800mm/sec.

2. Large panel size up to 500mm×450mm

3. Tool life monitoring, tool wear compensation, tool break detection

4. Vision assisted jog and teach facility for cutting tool paths

5. Programmable straight lines, curves and interpolated profiles

6. 3 stage industrial filtering system to keep the routing area virtually free of dust

7. User friendly drop down menu driven software with online help

8. A range of fast change over fixtures are available to ensure cutting speed and accuracy