Material Handling

Automatic loader

HY-250 LD/330LD/390LD/460LD

1.  PLC controll system

2.  LED TFT touch screen control panel

3.  Four step pitches sellection(10,20,30,40mm)

4.  2 magazines loading capalbality

5.  With the speciall structure of anti clamping plate and foolproof

6.  Direction from left to right or right to left(option)

7.  Standard SMEMA

Automatic inverting machine

HY-460 Inverter

1.  Strong and stablle mechanical design

2.  Rotating power switch to 180 - degree rotating cylinder,runs more smaathly than traditional motors

3.  PCL controll system

4.  LED TFT touch screen contral panel

5.  Pass through function

6.  Optical sensors to control the starting and ending

7.  Standard SMEMA

Nutek Linking Conveyor


This unit is used as a buffer between SMD machines.

1.  Modular Design

2.  Stability Enhance by "robust design"

3.  Laser carved stainless steel side guides for superior quality and durability

4.  Ergonomically designed arm rest

5.  Smooth and parallel width adjustment

6.  Multi-zone concept available upon request

7.  SMEMA compatible

8.  Patented (SG Patent No.: 91261)

Nutek Automatic loader/unloader

NTM0100LM (Loader)/NTM0100LL (Loader)/NTM0100UM

This unit is used for loading or unloading of PCBs.

1.  Sturdy and stabe design

2.  User friendly ‘soft touch’ LED membrane control panel

3.  Pneumatic clamps provided for magazine alignment

4.  Pneumatic pusher’s pressure regulated

5.  High throughput with short magazine change-over time

6.  SMEMA compatible