KOH YOUNG 8030-3

World-Fastest Full 3D Solder Paste Inspection
1.  The industry's fastest full 3D measuring inspection solution

●  Solves shadow problems by utilizing 2-way projection

●  Full 3D foreign material inspection for the entire PCB

●  Provides accurate inspection data with real-time PCB warp compensation

2.  Full 3D data-based process optimization solution: Realization of industry 4.0 / smart factory

●  Realizes real-time process optimization through powerful SPC analytics

●  Provides a powerful printing process optimization tool

3.  Leading model for high-speed mass production line


World-Best Performance 3D Solder Paste Inspection
1.  Industry-leading measurement accuracy and inspection reliability

●  Perfect solution to eliminate shadow problems, base plane settings, and problems with projection direction

●  Full 3D foreign material inspection solution for the entire PCB

●  High productivity through the highest accuracy

2.  Full 3D data-based process optimization solution: Realization of industry 4.0 / smart factory

●  Real-time process optimization through powerful SPC analytics

●  Maintain optimal equipment status with the embedded self-diagnosis function

3.  The model with the best specification, suitable for variety of production environments

VI Technology 3D Solder Paste Inspection

PI Series

1. Auto-programming, ideal for New Product introduction;

2. In addition to paste inspection, PIE offers simultaneous glue dot inspection;

3. Automatic pad grouping by Area Aperture Ratio;

4. Extra-large review image in textured 3D for easy diagnostic;

5. Real-time Process Monitor with: SIGMA Analysis;  Off-line SPC; embedded SPC

6. Z-referencing volume is under estimated on small pads  and cropped images around pads, to define stable and accurate;

7. Multi-frequency ,multi pattern Moiré deliver accurate measurement in real production environments with no false calls ;

8. High resolution textured 3D images provide unambiguous information for defect classification .