Selective Solder

Nordson Selective Soldering Systems

SELECT Integra? 508.3PD 2seg e-version

1.  Multi-stage in-line operation with concurrent fluxing, preheating and soldering for increased throughput with maximum preheat capability 

2.  2segment configuration can solder two non-panelized boards in-line, each board up to 350 x 508 mm 

3.  Parallel processing mode can solder boards up to 508 x 508mm with dual solder nozzles

4.  Double processing mode with small and large nozzles can solder boards up to 700 x 508 mm  

5.  Full titanium solder pots compatible with all solder alloys plus easy tool-free maintenance

Seica FireFly Selective Soldering System

FireFly FB60/FT60

Firefly is the selective soldering solution that has been developed to satisfy the ever growing need of modern electronics manufacturing for maximum flexibility, and to address the particular problems related to the introduction of the new lead-free alloys. The FIREFLY system is particularly suitable for soldering:

1.    Through hole

2.    Pin Grid Array

3.    Odd form components

4.    RF shieldings

5.    Connectors