Semicon & OPTO


Nordson YESTECH M1 Series AOI

1.  Quick set-up

2.  High defect coverage

3.  High speed

4.  Low false failure rate

5.  Smaller footprint

6.  Best price performance

Jin Bun AOI


1. Customized: meet individual and special function needs
2. High resolution which can judge tiny adverse
3. High sharing capability with changing wafer spec only needed adjust magnification
4. Picture memory: memory front face, back face NG and OK
5. Picture show: can show NG and OK picture on all stations in time
6. Sorting with customized set: can set the NG name and blowing classification
7. SSD Hard disk.: fast machine start time with advanced computer hardware
8. Considerate interface: easy to handle
9. High positioning accuracy : super high resolution ENCODER with no wrong judge 
10. Manufacturing statistics show: can show NG statistics in all stations