Silicone Heat Transfer Compound


1.   High thermal conductivity

2.   High dielectric constant

3.   High dissipation factor

4.   Use with heat sinks or metal chassis

5.   Will not dry or harden

6.   Contains zincs oxides and polydimenthyl siloxane

7.   Non-silicone version available

Black Epoxy


1.     Non-porous, water and chemical resistant

2.     Extremely impact resistant (contains a form of nylon)

3.     Colored black, to prevent visual inspection

4.     Affords high security, once cured, extremely difficult to remove

5.     Non-conductive, an electrical insulator

6.     Low toxicity

7.     Easy and simple to mix

8.     Long pot life

9.     Can be cured in one hour at 65°C (150°F)

10.   This product is RoHS compliant

Peelable Latex Solder Mask


1.   Temporary, peelable

2.   Thixotropic, synthetic latex designed to withstand fluxing, wave soldering and cleaning

3.   No ammonia

4.   Quick drying

5.   Non-corrosive to copper, gold, silver or pre-soldered surfaces

6.   Opaque pink in color when applied, translucent red when cured

7.   Cured mask can be for masking conformal coatings


Silicone Conformal Coating


Ideal for high temperature environments. Silicone Conformal Coating (422B) is a flexible finish product that provides a protective coating for printed circuit boards against moisture, corrosion, and thermal shock. It protects and insulates electrical and electronic components and assemblies, including generators, motors, transformers, relays, and solenoid coils. For spraying, liquid can be thinned using M.G. Thinner Cleaner. Thin up to one half part thinner to one part coating.